The Importance of VO2 Max Testing

Cenegenics® goes far beyond any routine medical examination. We offer advanced testing that achieves advanced results. The measure of your ability to consume & utilize a high quantity of oxygen during exercise plays a vital role in accurately understanding the full picture of your current health. By gathering these results we can further personalize your program around your specific body, goals and lifestyle.

VO2 Max Test

What is a VO2 Max Test?

VO2 Max Tests are all about functional capacity. The test itself is specifically geared toward your ability to progressively increase your intensity of cardiovascular exercise. It’s an extremely accurate indicator of your cardiovascular fitness--and you don’t need to be an athlete to perform it! Whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or running marathons regularly, we’ll effectively test your aerobic & anaerobic performance.

How is VO2 Max Testing Performed?

Like most medical testing, there are multiple ways to perform the same evaluation. VO2 max is no different. The most common way includes walking on a treadmill set at a 10% incline.

Every two minutes, both the treadmill’s speed and grade increase until your maximal work capacity is reached. While some consider this to be the most thorough means of testing, it also increases the risk of injury. Walking or running at high speeds for an extended period of time can be dangerous, especially for those who are overweight or generally sedentary.

When you reach high levels of exhaustion the risk of falling becomes a real possibility. All necessary precautions must be taken in order to ensure your safety first and foremost.

A safer alternative to the treadmill test is a cycle ergometer. The main idea of slowly and steadily increasing the intensity is the same, but with much less risk of injury. 

Vo2 Test

Aerobic Threshold (AeT)

This is where oxygen supply is adequate for the
major muscle groups. Below the aerobic threshold indicates a level of effort that can be maintained for many hours. Training below the aerobic threshold is of minimal value for most populations. This is also measured.


Anaerobic Threshold (AT)

This is the exercise intensity level at which your muscle’s demand for oxygen is
not being fully met, leading to “oxygen debt” and is recognized as your anaerobic metabolism. Lactic acid begins to accumulate causing burning in your muscles and increased fatigue. Vigorous effort can be sustained for an extended duration at intensity levels below the anaerobic threshold, but not above. The anaerobic threshold is measured as a part of a VO2 Max test.

Why is VO2 testing important?

Remember the last time you used the heart rate monitor at a gym? Pushing yourself to the max-- pumping your heart back to when you were in cleats sprinting down the field. Healthy exercise is an important aspect of everyday life, but most heart rate machines aren’t nearly as accurate as most people think. There can be large gaps between each individual’s anaerobic threshold (AT)--sometimes by more than 50 heart beats per minute.

This fact alone makes these target heart rate displays almost useless. At Cenegenics®, we don’t approach your health generically. We custom design a cardiovascular program tailored around your fitness level, aiming to condition your heart, maximize your fat burning, and minimize the time spent in the gym. We personalize every program around it’s user for maximum efficiency. 

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Maximizing Results at Cenegenics® with VO2

At Cenegenics®, our goal is to encompass all aspects of your health and wellness and focus on your body as a whole. We use the data from your VO2 test to adjust your comprehensive program and minimize risk factors for age-related diseases. After completing the assessment, your data will be analyzed by a Cenegenics® physician. A qualified exercise coach and nutrition counselor will also help in making recommendations and adjustments to your unique plan.

Once you have your target heart rate zones, you’ll have a clearly defined path to your personalized workouts. By working within this target range, you will be performing anaerobic exercise at times, which will stimulate the EPOC effect.

EPOC stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. It refers to the period of time following physical activity during which your body uses oxygen to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), clear out lactate, return normal oxygen flow to the rest of your body, and restore your body’s temperature to a normal level. After exercising, your body’s metabolism will be stoked and active. This is a time where you can sit back, relax, and reap the rewards of burning extra calories from your high intensity workout. 

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Take Your Health to the Next Level

There’s no better investment in your health than VO2 max testing. Your Cenegenics® team is waiting

to provide you with an incredible experience!