Men's Program

It’s time to take control again and Reclaim Your Glory Days™! There’s no better time to improve your health than the present. The Cenegenics® Men's Program is here to help you craft the customized plan your body needs.

Cenegenics Evaluation Day

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Remember working out in your younger years? It was so easy to recover, gain muscle and, of course, lose fat. It’s not quite that easy today, is it?

With every year comes a slower metabolism and another inch on your belly-- but the simple truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. We have men in their 50s and 60s putting on more lean muscle than many college-aged men! The Cenegenics® men's program involves proper hormone and lifestyle changes so that you can experience profound results in your performance and appearance.

Aging doesn’t have to be the End Of Productivity

It’s a part of life, but how you age is up to you.

Aging can be difficult and depressing.


It can be amazing!

Many doctors are dumbfounded when trying to treat age-related issues. Yes, most can help you relieve some pain or a flare up for short periods of time, but what happens when it comes back? Our physicians are trained to find the root cause of the issue and fix it. Everything from low energy to libido can be completely turned around through our Elite Health Program.

Cenegenics Couple on the Beach
Cenegenics Female Patient at Consultation

Cenegenics® all-encompassing health approach is worlds away from anything your primary care physician could offer.

Upon completion of our comprehensive program, most men are shocked to discover hidden health problems. These underlying issues have plagued patients with undiagnosed symptoms for years. Because other doctors often treat strictly symptoms, the conditions were allowed to continue, causing recurring problems and disrupting daily life in general. Oftentimes underlying conditions like poor insulin sensitivity, adrenal fatigue, micronutrient deficiencies, and food allergies cause common symptoms like chronic fatigue and digestive difficulty. There is no reason to prolong these symptoms. That’s why we don’t wait to identify them. From your first evaluation, you will learn critical details about the health of your body and feel a sense of empowerment with tailored solutions.


Cenegenics® created the way for Age Management Medicine beginning in 1997 and has since set the Gold Standard for age-related treatments in the medical community.


An internal study demonstrated that our patients reduced their body fat percentage by an average of 30% in the first year.


25% of our elite members are physicians and their families.


The Cenegenics® Elite Evaluation is the most comprehensive and detailed assessment out there. We take the time to understand your health as a whole by establishing your baseline health and body composition. Through our evaluation we determine all the relevant risk factors for your unique body. These detailed results help us craft a personalized program to achieve the physique and mental health you desire. There are over 20 fantastic Cenegenics® centers throughout the U.S. and internationally. We make it easy for you to complete your initial, quarterly and annual evaluations.











Become Your Best Self

Our exclusive benefits include

Blood Sample

State-of-the-Art, Comprehensive
Blood Analysis

Test Tube

Early Detection Testing for a Variety of Diseases


Customized Health, Nutrition + Exercise Plan


Nutritional Supplementation + Rx Hormones


Unlimited Consultations with Your Cenegenics® Team

Member Transformations

Before and After Cenegenics Patient
Before and After Cenegenics Patient

The Cenegenics® Elite Evaluation

"Gold Standard" Diagnostic Testing

No other exam comes close to this day-long assessment, which allows us to understand the full picture of your body’s health. With our hand picked physicians, detailed consultations and tailored nutrition and exercise consulting-- we change our patients lives from the inside out.


It includes: 

  • Full physical exam and 2-3 hour consultation (elite evaluation)
  • DEXA scans- including body composition and bone density scans
  • Vo2 max testing- cardiopulmonary tests
  • Intima-medial thickness and plaque detection of carotid artery
  • Exercise and nutrition analysis
  • Neurocognitive assessments
  • Lab tests for 86 biomarkers
  • Immunology analysis*
  • And more..

An Exclusive Team Developing a Personalized Plan for Your Demanding Lifestyle

Our physicians take part in a meticulous one year certification process. Even then, we only select 1% of the top performers. We want you to have the best when it comes to curating a personalized plan for your unique needs. These doctors understand age-related issues at the deepest levels and how to treat them effectively. Our treatment centers are nowhere close to “typical” medical offices. You won’t walk away with unanswered questions or confusion concerning your treatment options. Cenegenics provides concierge medicine at its best.







I now wake up with a renewed zest for life and previous aches and pains that I was experiencing were completely vanished

Dr. R.L.

Soldotna, AK

I began to see changes in my body composition just a few weeks after starting the program and I saw an improvement in my blood pressure, too. I've learned that it's not about dieting; it's about making a lifestyle change.  


Las Vegas, NV

The first six months I dropped 21 pounds of fat and put on 17 pounds of muscle and was at 5.3% body fat.

Dr. M.H.

Tulsa, OK

Everything has been reversed, I feel like I am 18 years old. 


New York, NY

After 5 weeks, I started feeling "it" and it was so great to have some strength. I missed it. The improvements that I have seen have been incredible.


South Meridian, MS 

I choose to improve myself through living a Cenegenics Lifestyle. Their professionals guided and advised me to strive for maximal results. I FEEL GREAT!!!!!


Eagle River, AK

They taught me the value of interval training and how to establish a better diet. As I've continued to follow their advice, I continue to improve and continue to be motivated. 


Wheaton, MN

Discover How to Defy Your Age™

Are you ready to transform your body and mind and start living life to the fullest? Cenegenics® is ready to help you take back your health, your energy and your renewed vigor for life! Discover why Cenegenics® is #1 in concierge medicine.