Genetic Testing

A good diet isn’t always the right diet

For many people, genes may be the missing key to weight loss. Your body may be stuck in an unhealthy pattern simply because you aren’t giving it what it needs! At Cenegenics®, our genetic testing program analyzes over 80 genetic markers to give you the diet that will make a real difference in the way you feel, think and perform. 

Lose up to 3x more weight on a DNA-driven diet

Lose the weight once and for all

DNA driven diets aren’t just hype. Studies have shown that genetically appropriate ways of eating increase weight loss.

Recently, a study depicted people who ate a genetically appropriate diet experiencing 287% more weight loss over 12 months than the control group. Needless to say, food choices, as well as meal timing, is completely unique to your body and daily energy needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to optimal nutrition.

  • Ancestry
  • Diet, Lifestyle and Exercise Recommendations
  • DNA Specific Risks for Children and Family Members
  • Risks specifically for dementia and neurodegenerative problems
  • Treatments for Existing Disease-- Dosage and Medication selection
  • Risks for a Variety of Diseases (Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, etc.)
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Weight loss, muscle gain, and maintaining overall health are all part of a successful plan. We’ve helped over 35,000 patients achieve their goals and continue onward to create new ones! Here are some ways you can benefit from genetics testing:

  • Understand your personalized genetic nutrition profile, gaining insight as to where you should focus your food choices.
  • Learn how to make proactive decisions regarding diet, exercise, & lifestyle based on your DNA.
  • Gain insight into your genetic predisposition for exercise toward endurance or strength training benefits.
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Cenegenics Genetic Testing

Being Unstoppable is Possible

For years, health headlines have been riddled with facts about heart disease and the latest treatments. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. for both men and women. At Cenegenics®, we believe in prevention. That’s why our meticulous genetic testing is so important. It reveals health factors like family health history, nutrition and exercise practices, hypertension, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels that can all contribute to heart health. Your unique genetic makeup can influence the effectiveness of medications and treatments. We’re here to cover all the bases so you can understand how to treat your body and effectively implement preventive lifestyle practices.


Health is multifaceted. Nutrition, exercise, and body weight can all contribute to an individual’s predisposition to certain health conditions. However, women have some additional health focuses that need attention. Pregnancy, menopause and other gynecological conditions can all contribute to your health. Cenegenics® testing takes all of these factors into account so that we can help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Your genetic profile may be affecting how your body utilizes energy and nutrients. These are all factors that play into weight loss, muscle retention, and other predispositions. Our genetic testing will provide insights into common health predispositions as well as other information that may be helpful throughout life.

We aim to transform our patients’ lives from the inside out, creating lasting health and vitality. Isn’t it time for your transformation?

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Cenegenics® has helped over 35,000 patients take control of their symptoms-- at the cellular level. There’s no reason to live with deficiencies any longer!

Our team is ready to provide you with an incredible experience!

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